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About the company


METAL-M-SOFIA OOD was established in 1993. In search of modern technologies and in the spirit of innovation, in 2009, the company introduced the first of its kind for Eastern Europe, automated system for costumer servicing in the field of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The unique facility provides high quality services to clients of the company and has sparked interest not only in the trade of metals, but also in machine building, producers, and other industrial communities. Metal-M-Sofia OOD has long standing relationships with the best Bulgarian manufacturers and importers. For the purposes of better efficiency and workflow, the company provides its own transportation services with Sofia, the country and abroad.

М – Modern warehouse, specialised in trading and handling of metal.

Е – Expert decisions with individual approach and competitive prices

Т – Technical equipment of high quality and big capacity

А – Automated warehouse system for trading service

–  Loyal and united team fo professional workers


М –  Maximum client satisfaction

Our clients for us

Very good organization, quick assistance, polite attitude!

Stanislav Petkov

Professional service at the front office. Excellent atmosphere. Good prices and quick order processing.

Valeri Tonev

Wide and quick choice. And most of all, honest and polite! Great team, from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy. It is not enough to be said! Thank ou!

Hrist Nenov

The best metal traders. Extremely polite, very responsive and all the stock stays inside and it is not rusty. I like them a lot! When I have to buy steel, I prefer to travel all the way from Bistritsa to Metal-M than buying it from another place.

Emil Nenkov

+359 2 814 5555